‘I couldn’t stop reading it’

Message: Dear Mira,
I read your mother’s book with delight within just one shebbath. I couldn’t stop reading it. I am 26 years old french jew, and both my parents were born in small village in Morocco. Since I was a child, I was obsessed with my background, my roots, and my grandparents’ and parents’ lives in Morocco, side by side with muslims. I used to ask my grandparents thousands of questions about how it was back then…Shebbath, marriage,new-born, everyday life…And while I was reading your mother’s book, I could hear my grandmother (1919-2005)telling me word for word the same stories, execpt our judeo-arabic dialect is different…
I talked about this book to my parents, my uncles, and a lot of other people, and they all wanted to read it. Unfortunately, moroccan jews and/or french jews don’t speak english…I think this book could speak to any jew who grew in peace with muslims, such as moroccan jews who are largely settled in France. No old moroccan jew ever took the time to do what your mom did, but I think you should translate and publish this book in French. A lot of french jews of moroccan, algerian, tunisian or egyptian descent would love to read this book. That would be great.

Thanks so much for your beautiful book,
Take care,
Oury Marciano