Remembering Shavuot

This week there have been several articles and broadcasts marking the 70th anniversary of the tragic events that shook the Jewish community in Baghdad during World War Two.

BBC News Online

BBC World Service Radio


The Jewish Chronicle


 The Jerusalem Post

CBC Radio (Canadian National Radio)

Haaretz Newspaper

Professor Ezekiel Bahar of the University of Nebraska (Lincoln, USA) has written to us to say:

Your story about the expulsion of Babylonian Jewry should receive more prominance especially today when the Arab refugee problem still persists after 63 years. They refer it to as the Nekba, a “catastrophy” that they brought upon themselves when 6 Arab armies attempted to destroy the State of Israel. While every refugee problem was eventually resolved including World War Two DP’s, the Jewish refugees from Arab lands and the Indians who were forcefully expelled from Pakistan, the Arab refugees were used as pawns to attract sympathy from the uninformed and the antisemites who are doing everything to deligitimise Israel. Your recalling of how the British army was prevented from coming to the rescue of Baghdadi Jews also needs to be emphasized in order to remind everyone, especially Jews, that only Jews can be relied on saving Jews.

As a child of Baghdadi Jews born in Bombay I am familiar with your story but it needs to be retold time and time again in view of all the lies that are being spread about how good it was for Jews under Arab rule. Keep up your good work !          .