Any photos, please?


I saw your YouTube movie and was very impressed. My father was born and grew up in Baghdad until he was 29 years old. He left iraq with the “ezra ve-nehemia” alia to Israel in 1952. There was no photo left from his life in Iraq, as they burnt all of them, fearing for the rest of the family who stayed later.My deepest gratitude for your film with the photos as I only heard about the places but never saw them.

My father is turning 90 soon, and we are trying to arrange a birthday party for him. I know he would be very moved to see photos from his youth in Baghdad. I wonder if it would be possible to get some still photos of the markets, the tigris, the bridges, main streets and Jewish neighbourhoods of baghdad from 1923-1952. I could show him your movie, but I know that he really enjoy it when he can hold a photo in his hand and look at it in his own time and pace, trying to identify places. The movie would be too fast for him.

In any case, it is a present just to be able to watch it, even in the movie (especially for me). Thank you so much for the effort you have put in putting it together.

By the way, did your mother ever come to Israel? I wonder whether there is a family connection – my father told me that all the Jews were must have been somehow related. His name is: Naim Halbi, and his closer families are: Shaharabani and Shamash/Shemesh, and Shakartchi.

Hope you are all well, and wishing the best for you,

with respect and warm wishes, and a lot of gratitude
Mira G,