A magnificent snapshot

My name is Robert and my wife and I are neighbors of Edna and Ronnie S.  I wanted to thank you so very much for sending me a signed copy of the book.  I read the book last month and loved it.  But, I have to tell you, I loved it even more because of the personal connections and the signature.  Such a magnificent snapshot of that period of history, which is not so long ago, and which so many people who we know lived and suffered through. I really appreciate it.  

Thank you again. Robert S, Los Angeles


Grandpa’s white handkerchief

Hi – I just finished your mother’s wonderful book, Memories of Eden, given to me by my new neighbor, Dafna, Violette’s great grandniece.  I had no idea of all this life and history. As the granddaughter of Eastern European Jews, all the Jewish history I knew was northern, though equally difficult. Most surprising were some of the habits and attitudes that my grandparents had in common with the Jews of the Middle East.  My grandfather always had a white handkerchief with him – which he would tie in the corners to carry things or to make a hat. Thank you for caring enough and for bringing the book to light.

Best, Barbara G, New York