Where is this?

OK, so I’m an architect-manqué. But tell me if you don’t also find this inspirational: the towering fluted columns appearing from great holes in the ceiling as though they’ve just been drilled down from the skies; the vast height creating such a sense of space; function and form in perfect harmony. Wow.

Yes, I’m back at Ben Gurion airport Tel Aviv again. I can’t get over how uplifting it is (no pun intended) after the miseries suffered by the travelling soul when passing through the pits of Heathrow and the likes. Inevitably, we’ll be seeing so much more of LHR on our TVs in the next few days as the new Terminal 5 opens for business. Keep this image in your mind as an example of how it should be done. (My thanks to Todd & Mary Rose whose photo can be found on picasaweb.google.com/…/9SVwuSPGIs0XJiTMfvwepQ)

Upwards and onwards indeed. Here are some more snaps I pulled in from the web. What’s your best/worst airport – architecturally speaking; we all have our horror stories about delays and discomfort?