A major event in London

Marsha Emerman writes:

I’m a documentary filmmaker in Melbourne, Australia making “On the Banks of the Tigris”.  It tells the story of Majid Shokor, an Iraqi-Australian from a Muslim background who discovers a hidden history – the Jewish contribution to Iraqi music. You’ll find our newest 5 min trailer on YouTube and my website: http://www.fruitfulfilms.com.au/films/tigris#viewtrailer.

On September 27th the Barbican Centre in London will host the Banks of the Tigris concert, which brings superb Iraqi musicians of all faiths together – Yair Dalal from Israel, Farida & her Iraqi Maqam Ensemble from Netherlands, and Ahmed Mukhtar from London. It will be a beautiful event and filming it for our documentary will send a message of peace and reconcilliation to audiences worldwide.

I enjoyed your YouTube video, have heard about but not yet read your book, and would like to be in contact, as our work is connected in substance & spirit.  Look forward to hearing from you. all the best, Marsha Emerman

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