From our mailbag

Mira writes: I was very moved to get responses to our new video, When Baghdad Was Beautiful, and I thought you would like to share.


I knew your parents from Baghdad. I was with Aunt Daisy in the same classroom. I remember your grandfather’s house in Karrada. The last time I saw them was in 1948 in Cyprus on my way to America. Thank you for sharing the memories with us.

Sincerely yours, S.S.K., New York

Dear Mira & Tony,

Great to hear from you! I missed the original 6-minute video, so I watched the new one first. Very nicely paced and good music as well.Then I had a brief look at the 6-minute version and realized that undoubtedly you made the right call to revise it. Lovely photos that were not in the book.

Good work!   S.K., Montreal

Thank you Tony and Mira,

The new video with its music is absolutely gorgeous.   My parents, who were born in Baghdad, went to Bombay in 1924, where I was born.   When I was 7 in 1933, my mother took me on a visit to Baghdad and I just loved it.   Your video brings back beautiful memories.

Best wishes,  H.B., Melbourne

Most interesting!. Although I grew up after most jews left Iraq, I have heard about the old way of life from my Mom and Dad but have seen very few photos of the old days. I was introduced to the customs from the paintings done by my brother in law, Eli Sawdayee, also depicted in the Utube film. – LJ

Dear Mira and Tony,

We have enjoyed the slide show very much and we sent it to all all our friends to enjoy it too.  Hope all is well at your end, we are now in Montreal and we hope that you will be able to visit us here.

All the very best,  Monique and Edward. Washington DC


Hi Mira and Tony,
I was delighted to see the slide show of old Baghdad. These photos are priceless. And your blog of course is great.
All the best,  R.K., Montreal

Hi Mira & Tony,

We would like to thank you for the wonderful slide show;  we enjoyed it enormously. Best wishes and may you go from strength to strength.

Nora & Oliver, New York

Dear Mira and Tony

It’s fantastic – I love it! The only thing is, at the speed the slides change I found I didn’t quite have time to take in properly the details of the photos or all the quotes. What do you think?

Best, R.Z., London

Hi:  It’s great!!!! I am forwarding it to my family and friends. In a few places the slides do move too fast.  But for the most part, they gave us time to look. Congratulations on a job very, very well done.  And thank you for sharing.

Warmest regards,  D.M., Toronto

I love it and wonder if you will consider movie adaptation someday, hopefully not Hollywood, but it looks like movie lovers outnumber book readers.

Good luck – LA, Amman

Hi Mira & Tony!
I looked at the pictures 3 times and it is very interesting. For me it advances too quick, especially because the comments are too small.
Best wishes,  M.T., Modi’in, Israel

I thank you.  Best wishes. Professor H.M., Basra

Hi Mira and Tony

Thanks for your beautiful work. Hope to see you on your next trip to Israel.

S.D., Tel Aviv

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