Amazon customer reviews

A funny world, Amazon. As I’ve said, we’re listed on both sides of the Atlantic but each ‘house’ treats its products differently, albeit the same product. So our entry for ‘Memories’ on the American and Canadian sites carries ‘customer reviews’ — they are spontaneous, believe me — that bear no relation to those on the British site.

Elliot M, the subject of our last post, has given us a lovely write-up on Meanwhile, the following has recently appeared on, for which we are also truly grateful.

I really loved this book. Both of my parents were born in Iraq and witnessed first hand both the delightful times as well as the periods of intense fear and uncertainty.

It is awful that centuries of good will between Arabs and Jews were to be shattered by the rise of Nazism and the Arab alliance with Hitler.

Much can be learned about where we are headed today by learning about this story.

The signature is “waldo558” — a resident of Mendham, New Jersey.

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