The Israeli event

We are back from our whistle-stop tour of Israel, pretty whacked after six days. Mira’s family there are marvellous and kind, but it was a constant round of visits – alternating between business and cousins, eating and talking, seeing sights (the Druze village of Carmel) and schmoozing. Horrible word. 

The main event was the book launch at Or Yehuda, of course. It went so well, with over 60 people present including nearly all the relatives and no fewer than five professors from the Hebrew University, led by our dear friend Prof. Shmuel Moreh. He was mediator/MC, and there were some unexpected guests too who had read the blog – hey, it works!  We thought the whole thing wouldn’t last much more than an hour; in fact it went on for two and a half.  A great success.
I was especially pleased to have had the opportunity to meet Israel’s celebrated film-maker Salim Fattal who honoured us with his presence. I’d like to talk more to him about the possibility of  doing something together in the hope of getting something on British TV.

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