How to buy ‘Memories’ in the USA

We are being asked by US visitors how and where they might be able to purchase the book. While we have a good distribution service in the UK – ‘Memories’ should be available at any good bookshop, as well as via – we are still working on the question for North America in general and the United States in particular.  

In the States we have to rely for the moment on But here’s a funny thing: if you click on their main site:

the book is quoted at $29.81 and shipping can take ‘from 4 to 7 weeks’.  HOWEVER, by going to ‘Used and New’:

you can find it listed at very advantageous prices, with speedy delivery. For instance, a brand new copy is being offered by the Book Depository – a widely-respected UK outfit – for $22.33 with $3.99 shipping: a total of $26.32. Delivery? ‘Usually 5-8 working days from order’.

That’s a wow. Convert the dollar price to sterling at today’s rate and it comes to £13. Look at’s selling price in Britain and it is £14.24 before shipping costs.

Americans, you have a deal! 


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